Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm hosting a game development colab contest over on SlimeSalad. Basically, you, a game developer, signs up and then (at the end of October) you get paired with a partner at random and begin making a game together with that person. The game you make together is then due in July of 2012. That's the basic outline of the contest. If you'd like to know more or even enter, follow this link to slimesalad.
To sign up, you'll  have to make a slime salad account if you haven't already.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Go Right

The room to the right has 2 doors. The one the gnome entered the room through, and another across the room from the entrance door. The second door has bars blocking any chance of passage through the door. In this room there are also 3 switches.

What should the gnome do?

Any Suggestions?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Belittle the centipede by informing it just how many legs short it is from it's target amount.

The centipede eats the Gnome. 


A work in progress

I'm currently working on an RPG with the working title of LEGENDARY HEROES. This is a remake of one of my original games I made back when I was first starting out in game development. The original game is gone forever, but this remake is looking to be one of my best games yet. I've veered from the path of the old game I made a lot, in both story and gameplay. But the heart of the game is still there. Enough to satisfy me anyways.

The game stars a one-eyed orc named Biff. Biff is a fledgling Monster Hunter and has just started doing missions for the guild he's a part of. But something strange and sinister seems to be behind these monster infestations. With the help of some friends he meets on his travels Biff seeks to rid the world of all monster kind, but is it even possible?

The game features what is said to be the most side quests some players have ever seen in an rpg like this. I don't think it will be breaking any records but it is my goal to have as many side quests as will fit comfortably in the game. Everything from picking berries to fishing and maybe even a card game should be in the game come next year.

The Demo is already available for anyone who wants to play it. It's pretty short, ending just after the third town, but I hope you find it fun.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Go Left.

The gnome goes left. The next room is much like the first room with 2 major differences. The first is that there are no exits to this room besides the one the gnome came through. The second is the massive deadly centipede in the middle of the room. It was sleeping but wakes up as the gnome enters.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Escape the Zombie Horde

This is my entry into Ludum Dare 21, and the 2011 OHRRPGCE 48 contest.
I made it in 24hr instead of the 48hr's given for the contest. I was really busy that weekend, but wanted to enter anyways.
It's a Oregon Trail-like game with a zombie twist. Can you reach the military base before the zombies catch up to you?
You can view my Ludum Dare 21 entry page HERE.
And my 2011 OHRRPGCE 48 hour contest entry page HERE.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unfinished Games

I've released several games on the internet that weren't completely done. These games were either lacking in polish or just lacking in content. Some are lacking in both and then some. Anyways, for whatever reason they ended up getting released and are circling the internet for all to play. Here they are in no real order.

Automagically! Bizzaro Carnival in Salad Kingdom

This game is a platformer in much the same fashion as my Tim-Tim "The Mighty Gnome" game. I tried a few new things out on this game, but I didn't ever really give the player any sort of challenge. There's also no real plot to be found, and the game just sort of ends when you reach a cake.

Light Fight

This game is in the style of one of those old beat 'em up games, like double dragon or streets of rage. It's super simplistic and doesn't even feature jump and kicking at the same time. You can't progress in the stage and your only real goal is to gain points till you die. 

Turkey Killer

This is a game were you go around shooting turkeys till time runs out. There's a highscore saved and you can compete with friends to see who can kill the most turkeys. There was never a bigger plan for this game and it's actually complete, it's just such a simplistic game that I don't really consider it a complete game.


Spoonweaver is a bad PacMan clone. I don't know why I'd give such a terrible game my user name, but I did. This game is really imcomplete, but you might find it fun. Like Turkey Killer it has a highscore system.


This game was going to be a Zelda-like game. It's only really got the basic Zelda-like functions, and some really bad graphics.

Babies (vs) Robots

This is a RTS ( real time strategy ). I made this game for a terrible game contest, and never really planned to take it any farther then it already is. There's a scoring system and you can even win, isn't that all you need?

Loser Man

Loser Man is a character I created back in middle school. I featured him in a series of animated gif cartoons, which later were made into a youtube video. I also made a video game based on this character. Loser Man is basically a super hero that sucks. He's fat and stupid, and yet has crazy super powers like super strength and the ability to pull weapons and other items out of no where. Loser Man could is honestly better classified as a villian based on his actions. If you've seen the movie Super then you might understand the type of super hero I was going for a bit more then those who've only the animated series of Loser Man. Loser Man is poorly drawn, and there's no voices only writing. But I hope you kind find some sort of enjoyment out of the series or game, despite it's terrible writing graphics and overall plot.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gnome & Dungeon: The Beginning

A gnome is in a dungeon, and he wants to get out. He has no idea how he got in the dungeon and no idea how to get out. He is currently in a room with 3 exits. There are exits north, west and east.

What should the gnome do?
Any Suggestions?