Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A work in progress

I'm currently working on an RPG with the working title of LEGENDARY HEROES. This is a remake of one of my original games I made back when I was first starting out in game development. The original game is gone forever, but this remake is looking to be one of my best games yet. I've veered from the path of the old game I made a lot, in both story and gameplay. But the heart of the game is still there. Enough to satisfy me anyways.

The game stars a one-eyed orc named Biff. Biff is a fledgling Monster Hunter and has just started doing missions for the guild he's a part of. But something strange and sinister seems to be behind these monster infestations. With the help of some friends he meets on his travels Biff seeks to rid the world of all monster kind, but is it even possible?

The game features what is said to be the most side quests some players have ever seen in an rpg like this. I don't think it will be breaking any records but it is my goal to have as many side quests as will fit comfortably in the game. Everything from picking berries to fishing and maybe even a card game should be in the game come next year.

The Demo is already available for anyone who wants to play it. It's pretty short, ending just after the third town, but I hope you find it fun.