Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Loser Man

Loser Man is a character I created back in middle school. I featured him in a series of animated gif cartoons, which later were made into a youtube video. I also made a video game based on this character. Loser Man is basically a super hero that sucks. He's fat and stupid, and yet has crazy super powers like super strength and the ability to pull weapons and other items out of no where. Loser Man could is honestly better classified as a villian based on his actions. If you've seen the movie Super then you might understand the type of super hero I was going for a bit more then those who've only the animated series of Loser Man. Loser Man is poorly drawn, and there's no voices only writing. But I hope you kind find some sort of enjoyment out of the series or game, despite it's terrible writing graphics and overall plot.

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