Monday, June 30, 2014

Troll Over

I made this game for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest found here.
The game's contest entry page can be found here:
Please visit the page, comment, and vote.

Troll Over is an RPG where you play as a troll. He find a human knocked out in the woods and decides to befriend the human. Together they venture forth and have adventures, such as seeking out an evil warlock to join his evil army. Troll Over is designed to be different then normal rpgs in a lot of little ways. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Contest, Kickstarters and Viral Marketing Campaigns

 So, the first thing to talk about is that productivity has never been higher here at Spoonweaver Studios. Work is being consistently done on the game Iron Galaxy. Kruntorvas is coming along nicely. Plus, both Legendary Heroes and Kinvesard have updates planned for the end of the year. All fours of these games are on track and doing great. Tim-Tim 2 and Technofunk Shipotron are currently on hold however, with no specific release date in sight.

  The next important thing is the marketing being done. As you can see in the picture to the left here, Both Slimeomancy and Cat in Box are being advertised around town. This is currently only being done in Tampa, FL. However, if you count yourself as one of the few and proud Spoonweaver Studios fans, please consider printing out and posting some flyers. Here's a link to the flyer:

 Next, there's the contest I'm entering. It's offering large cash prizes and also the promise of exposure, so I'm hoping I perform well. A sneak peak of my entry can be seen HERE. The contest can be found here:

 Lastly, Spoonweaver Studios has begun working on 2 Kickstarter campaigns that it plans to launch towards the end of the year. One campaign for Kruntorvas and one for Iron Galaxy. This is being done because even though the two projects are both moving along studly, without the attention they need it will likely take years and years until they are complete. However, it's also being done in order to try to elevate these games to the next level of the Indie game community.

So as you may notice, things are pretty busy here. Wish us luck!