Friday, October 20, 2017

In Production

Spoonweaver Studios has been hard at work on several projects. Here's a look at what's to come.

First, Tim-Tim 2: "The Almighty Gnome" is still being developed. A lot of progress has been made. I've posted a few updates about it on my twitter account and will continue to post progress on it as progress is made. Right now, I'm shooting for a summer 2018 release, but there are no hard dates set right now.

Next up is Dungeon Bout. The Dungeon Bout multiplayer demo is still currently available over on and progress on the story mode is still being made. Development on this has been halted in order to focus more on Tim-Tim 2, however a good deal of progress has been made and there isn't a lot more to be done before launch. I would say after Tim-Tim 2 is complete, Dungeon Bout should follow soon after. Expect it late next year.

Moving along to other things, Slimeomancy 2 has begun production. For this project I'm reaching out to other artists and developers to complete the project. Development is being done along side my other projects and so this game won't be held up by their release dates. However, no release date estimation is yet available for this title.

After that is Kruntorvas. Kruntorvas is currently third in line for development; meaning development is planned to start after Tim-Tim 2 and Dungeon Bout are complete. However, if Slimeomancy 2's style of development is a success, I may have Kruntorvas follow suit and bring in outside developers to work on it.

The final game currently in line for development is currently code named: Kinvesard Dungeoncrawl. It's a multiplayer rogue-like focused around slow hard gameplay. The general engine and gameplay style can be seen in Tim-Tim's tower, however a ton of changes are planned for this upcoming title.

There are also some other projects being worked on. I'm currently doing a bit of  coding for the rpg adaption of the comicbook/TV show Axe Cop.
I'm also working on a small 2 player app based board game that has been a bit of a pet project for a while. I'm coding it in a language I normally don't work in and so is really just a way to learn more about that language.