Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kruntovas and other projects

Like I posted about before, I'm currently working on several different projects. I'm trying to pick which ones to finish and which ones to bench, but I haven't really decided yet. The games are Dreadful Occupant, Kinvesard, Legendary Heroes, Slimeomancy, Technofunk Shipotron, Tim-Tim 2, and Kruntovas: The Gilded Path.
I've written about most of the games mentioned here, and in fact some of them are pretty close to finished. Dreadful Occupant and Slimeomancy both just need some polish to be ready to port to ouya and android. Kinvesard and Legendary Heroes are both on going projects that I'll likely update towards the end of this year. Tim-Tim 2 hit a large snag when I lost a lot of the progress I had made in it when the computer I was working on completely broke.Technofunk Shipotron and Kruntovas are both new projects I've started which might have been a bad move. I'll likely try to regroup and finish some of my other projects before continuing on these two.

Kruntovas: The Gilded Path ( not the final name ) is a game I've been thinking up for a while now. It's basically a travel based RPG. Instead of the standard Zelda like movement on an open map that most RPGs feature, Kruntovas features a travel system more akin to the game Oregon Trail. I'm planning on letting players control more than 20 characters at once, travel to more than 50 different areas, confront over 1000 different obstacles and ultimately defeat the Demon Dragon of Death!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Things and Stuff

  I'm working on a lot of projects right now. One of which is called Technofunk Supertron, which is going to be a space shooter like R-type. (Pictured here) I'm also working one Slimeomancy, Tim-Tim 2, Kinvesard, and Legendary Heroes. The person I'm working with for Dreadful Occupant kinda spaced. My project plate has gotten a bit full so I'm trying to focus on just one of them for a while and hopefully I'll be releasing something soon.