Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Iron Galaxy (Pre-Alpha)

  Iron Galaxy is a game I'm currently working on with the help from a very talented artist. He likes to go by the handle Blasted Earth and is relatively unknown as an indie game graphic artist despite being very talented.
 The game centers around mech pilots (Mechs being giant robots). In the game you control squads of mechs on a grid and fight enemies in a tradition rpg style. There are currently 25 mechs planned as well as 6 main ships, 10 mini games and 50+ levels.
  Unlike my previous projects, we're aiming to make Iron Galaxy as well known as possible. This includes trying our hand at Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, Press Releases, as well as multiple platform ports.
 The game is available in a pre-alpha state for a limited time. The plan is to leave it available like this until the end of June in order to get valuable feedback on the game before moving forward with the project.

-Only available for a limited time.