Clam Digger

This game is modeled after a joke game description from the cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The game was never really meant to be playable when Meatwad described it in the show and was in fact meant as a jokingly bad game. However,here it is in all it's glory.
In case you're looking for any digging mechanics, note that there is no digging in this game. This is a game where you find parking. This game is based around the idea that trying to find parking at the beach is hard. You have to avoid seagulls and other types of animals, not to mention people, while looking for an open space in a sea of filled spots. Then, once you think you've found a space it turns out it's actually filled by one of those tiny cars.
 In the game, you need to find 5 mistakenly filled spaces before you'll be able to find an open space. The hud at the top of the screen should help keep track of that. Find parking as fast as you can to get the High Score or go for the lowest score you can get. Either way, there's a score board for you.

Available on PC and OUYA