Monday, August 12, 2013

NOW ON OUYA - Clam Digger

 Continuing with my plan to polish up my old games and put them on OUYA, I've just released Clam Digger.
There aren't too many new things to see here, but hopefully the OUYA community will like it.

Thanks for the interest!


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  3. I deleted the above posts because they linked to a bogus post about an old clam digger game written by someone as a joke. It's clearly a bogus game description. The fact that the poster made ASCII screenshots instead of actual screenshots basically proves it. Either they have the game and could have took real screenshots, or they made these ASCII images from memory or something. Not to mention that one of the ASCII images is clearly Ash from pokemon, and no other sites on the internet back up this random posts claim.

    Anyways, I deleted the posts so the trolling doesn't continue.

    1. before i go any further, i want to make it clear that i am NOT trying to troll. i'm just trying to clear this up.

      the posts you deleted probably weren't bogus. there really is an old Clam Digger game done with the GameMaker program that dates back to at least 2009. i've played it myself, and if i remember correctly, there was an ASCII image of Ash in the game somewhere. it was supposed to be a joke game. if you go to and search their monster archive for Clam Digger 2D, you'll see it there.