Thursday, June 15, 2023

The Official OHR Podcast

I've been hosting the podcast for the O.H.R.RPG.C.E. and we're up to episode 17.
The O.H.R.RPG.C.E. is an indie video game making engine. I personally use the engine heavily.
This podcast focuses on the people that use that game making engine and the games they make with it.
It's available on multiple streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Podchaser, and Deezer. a direct link is now featured on the right hand side of this site.

And here is a link to the currently latest episode on Spotify:

Monday, May 22, 2023

My Bud Ledge (Now Available!)

 Hello! I'm glad to announce my newest game is now available on Windows, Linx and Apple!
My Bud Ledge is a journey into madness and I hope you enjoy it!

From the creator of Cat in Box comes an all-new, genre-defying experience. Ledge Whedonkin Bena must bravely live his life while everything around him goes completely out of control. As he ventures into tomorrow, he carries the hope of yesterday on his back. Will his choices lead him to the future of his dreams? Only you can decide.

    • Both Walking and Talking
    • Writing Simulators
    • Dancing
    • Love that transcends time and space
    • Rats
    • Sneaking
    • Cryogenics
    • Choice Based Progression System
    • Multiple Endings
    • Crossbows
    • Reading
    "...damn. can't wait to play it."  -PJBEBI
    "It took me like 30 seconds to figure it out, but I ultimately did" - TheLordThyGod
    "I hope it will actually be funny..." -Gaplan
    "Looks like a promising demo, when's the full game?" -Artimus Bena
    "Hmm... pretty unexpected direction there.." -Eonhet1229
    "Seems like something you'd write." -tmc


    Wednesday, March 15, 2023

    New project: My Bud Ledge

    After seeing a meme about the 3 types of indie games, (Metroidvania/Souls-like; Open World Crafting; A metaphora for depression) I decided my past games weren't depressing enough.
    So I've embarked on a journey to make what I believe is a very depressing piece of digital art.
    I'm hoping to release it sometime this Summer, but as depressing as it sounds, that might not happen.

    Sunday, January 8, 2023

    Projects under development

    Currently working on a game called Caged Birds that I'm working on that is a board game idea that I got from a family member. More on that at a later time.
    There is also a story based game in the works. Nothing to show so far though.

    As for Rogue's Trail, after making the demo the scope of the project proved to be too massive right now. Given the amount of work that needed to be put into it the timeline of production was 6 years, which seemed like too long of a time to devote to the the project. The project has been shelved again for now, but who knows what the future holds.

    Friday, October 7, 2022

    Open Alpha test for Rogue's Trail (aka kruntorvas)

     Hello Peeps and People!
    I've release an early build of Rogue's trail for people to try out and give feedback on.
    It's available here:

    Wednesday, July 20, 2022

    Soundtrack for Tim-Tim 2: The Almighty Gnome Available on Youtube

     If you want the Tim Tim 2 Soundtrack, the whole thing is hosted on a youtube video.
    It was made by my friend Meredosia, aka PJ.
    I think he did a really great job on it and I'm glad he's hosting it for more people to experience it.