Friday, June 4, 2021


The time has come to unveil a contest between 2 men.
My friend "Charbile" and myself have entered into a wager.
We are currently competing to see who can produce the most successful game.
It's Hati's Bizarre Adventure vs Tim-Tim 2 "The Almighty Gnome"
The goal is to get our games on steam and sell more copies/make more money than the other person. The contest will conclude at the end of this year. So, it's do or die for my long standing project.

However, that is not the main subject of this thread.
You see, in this contest between myself and Charbile the winner gets glory, but the loser gets something very different.
The loser is forced to make a game.
The loser must make an honest effort to develop said game to the quality needed to upload to steam and then to upload it there if able.
The game in question came to me in a fever dream. I did not seek out this idea and I shudder to think of outcome. The game idea is both glorious and profane. In 1 year, either Charbile or myself will begin development of this game. My god have mercy on our souls.

The Game Idea:

Golden-Chan and the World of Swordz
is the story of a world where the one and only sport that exists is Swordz,
a contest based around peeing skills.
Challengers compete in contests of distance, power, time, and jousting in the style of a type of Olympics.

One day, a girl tries out for the team.
"...but girls can't compete!!" say the onlookers.
To everyone's surprise, she almost breaks the distance record on her debut attempt. (76ft)
That girl is... Golden-Chan!